Sep 23, 2011

Preschool Spot

I do preschool at home with my girls a few times a week.  It is not nearly the length of regular preschool but we pack a lot into a short amount of time and the girls seem to enjoy it-okay well Small Fry seems to have an opinion about everything these days but I just brush it off.  I wanted to have something that signified preschool is starting and we need to sit.  I came up with a spot for each of the girls.  Here is what I did:
I bought some circle placemats on clearance.  They are the plastic kind and on the floor on their own they were really slippery (like break a limb slippery).  So I bought some foam grippy stuff (technical name of course) that you put in drawers and stuff to keep everything from sliding around.  You can find it at the dollar store or at your local small town market for triple the price (I know from experience).  And you will need some spray adhesive and contact paper (or vinyl).
 Because the grippy stuff wasn't as wide as my circle was round I traced half of the circle and cut it out then repeated for the other half.
 Spray the back of the placemat with adhesive and attach the grippy stuff.  I seemed to have a bit of trouble getting it to stick so I found it was better to do it in small sections.  I wanted to add a letter for each girl so they would know which spot was theirs so I used the contact paper and my mother in law's Cricut machine to cut out the letter.  Did you know you could do that?  Use contact paper instead of vinyl??? I am not the genius behind that discovery but I do happen to think it is FABULOUS!!!!!
 And here is my model (very apprehensive to cooperate) showing how the preschool spot works. 
Now if I can just get them to actually sit on them all the time I will have it made.
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  1. Wow, great idea (and would work well for a time-out spot too)!



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