Sep 22, 2011

Creepy Mini Milk Cartons for Halloween

 I am all about these mini milk cartons right now.  I love finding something that I can use in lots of different ways.  I took this pattern and printed it on 3 different pieces of cardstock (print on the wrong side of the paper).  I folded them into boxes and then decorated them.  You could do whatever colors you like and there are more ideas for creepy critters than just these.  Don't you think they would look cute on a Halloween platter or make a super fun party favor.  Here is what I came up with (the link to the pattern is at the bottom).
 For the witch I cut out the hat and brim, star and spider.  I used black ric rac for the hair which I glued to the back of the hat.  The hat could be glued onto the box or use double sided tape.  I used some light weight wire to make the hanger for the spider. 
 For Frankenstein I cut out the hair and attached it to the box with double sided tape.  I used real screws on the sides.  I poked a pin hole with a large pin and then screwed the screws in part way.  (don't you just love em).  I drew the little stitch mark with a black pen and then chalked over it with some gray chalk.
For the mummy I cut strips of gauze and attached one end with a piece of double stick tape, then wrapped them around and around the box.  I attached two googly eyes with some glue and then wrapped a bit more gauze to cover his eyes part way.  I added a mini safety pin too.
Happy creepy crafting.
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  1. Love these!!! How super stinkin cute!

  2. You have amazing Halloween ideas! Thank you!

  3. These are *perfect* for my fourth graders! We will start saving milk cartons tomorrow!!

  4. Your milk cartons are totally NOT creepy - but they sure are cute!


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