Sep 21, 2011

Help for my scraps box

This is currently how I am storing my fabric scraps.  It has escalated into a huge mess.  I have limited fabric storage space and have a bunch of small pieces that get lost in my fabric drawers but this doesn't seem to be working either (not that you could tell from the picture right????).  Does anyone have any brilliant ideas for storing small pieces of fabric?  I am sure there is something that I just haven't thought of and have just been waiting for one of you wonderful ladies to enlighten me.  So please, help-my scrap box runneth over.
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  1. The only thing I can think of is to fold them into approximately the same size squares, then categorize by color. Take each color category and tie it together in a little bundle with some string or ribbon (like you would wrap a gift). That way you can go in and grab a bundle and know that every scrap in that bundle is in the same color family.

    Or you could do what I'm going to do and just make a really eclectic rag quilt.

    Creations A La Mode

  2. I fold (or flatten) my small scraps in a large zip-top bag. It could easily be organized by color, or fabric type, etc. Then I "vacuum" them flat with a straw (close the bag nearly all the way-inserting a drinking straw in the corner-and press as much air out as you can; then use the drinking straw suck the remaining air out and snap closed)-so you've made your own (very cheap) vacuum bag. It saves TONS of space and doesn't take too much time.

    The flat zippered bags can then be stored in a box or drawer...wherever you have space!

    (I do this with any leftover marshmallows, freezer meals or other "air sensitive" things)

    Good luck!

  3. i have the same problem!!! hope more comments come with helpful ideas!

  4. Could you wrap them (like ribbon) around small comic boards (or cardboard), with like colors or coordinating patterns together?

  5. It would take up more space but what about small (shoe box size or smaller) clear plastic boxes to seperate by color and or size. That way you can see just what is in them. My problem is if I can't see it, I won't remember it is there and will go buy more.

  6. Hey, I just had another idea. You like to repurpose items. So you could take TP, paper towel and wrapping paper rolls and use them! Depending on the size of the scrap, you fold it and stuff it in the most right size tube. On the outside you can write the size ie: 4"x 8" red with white dots. Those could be stacked on a shelf or in a plastic tub. I think I might try this idea! Jackie.


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