Sep 9, 2011

Odds and Ends

Just a couple of random things to share.
#1. I have had people ask where they can buy my stuff (you don't know how good that makes a girl feel).  the answer is: if you see something you like-it is likely for sale or I can custom make you one.  I don't mass produce anything (unless it was by special request) but I do make custom orders.  Starting in October I will have regular items for sale right here on my blog as well.  I specialize in one of a kind creations (meaning your baby won't show up at a local event wearing the same thing as another child-heaven forbid) so shoot me an e-mail if you see something you like.  I may make custom orders but they are not a custom order price so don't hesitate.
#2.  Do you need suspender clips to make binkie clips or other crafts?  Well have you noticed that fabric stores and Wal Mart sell them for like $1.79 for two clips?  Ridiculous.  I found these instead:
They are on Ebay.  You can get 25 for $5.19 with free shipping.  When I ordered they were $1.00 plus $4.99 for shipping but same difference.  I ordered 100 of them so I wouldn't run out any time soon.  Little did I know they were coming from Hong Kong.  I thought they would never get here but it only took a week and a half. 

#3. In case you are interested in getting your own custom labels made (like my Tiny Socks & Co. ones) I got mine here.  They are not as expensive as woven labels (though I think they are so awesome).  This lady has so many options and you can pretty much have anything you want and the price is wonderful.  I found the page a bit confusing so if you have questions shoot her an e-mail.  She gets back to you right away.
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