Oct 19, 2011

Halloween Silhouettes

Silhouettes are an in thing right now, and Halloween Silhouettes are so easy to create!  I just googled Halloween Silhouettes and a whole plethera of images came up.  This is where I got the witch from.  I couldn't find a good Frankenstein, so I googled it.  I couldn't find a sihlouette, so I improvised and just used a picture of one.  I knew I wanted this one straight on so the bolts in his neck would show.  I printed my images on black cardstock.  Keep in mind that you will be using the back side so the printer ink will not show.  Your image will be reversed.
Once I had my images printed, I cut them out with a pair of sharp scissors.
Flip them over so the printer ink does not show.
I then hooked them to my colored carstock using pop-up squares or dots.  This will make your images stand up off the paper just slightly so it adds dimension.  (I could have just printed my witch sihlouette onto my colored cardstock framed it and called it good, but I wanted the extra dimension the pop-ups give it. 
Frame them and display as aa Halloween decoration in your home!  This project is so easy and seriously took me about an hour from googling the images to being put in the frames.  Happy crafting!
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