Oct 7, 2011

Spider Web Plates

This project was inspired by my neighbor and friend Jenni.  I took the girls to our Thrift Store as an afternoon outing and found a really nice black plate.  I knew it was needed at my house for Halloween, but I wasn't sure for what.  I grabbed a few goblets and cups too and came home to create.

 To begin you will need a plate and a cup.  I wanted my stand white so I spray painted the cup.
 While the spray paint was drying I created the spider web.  I used a paint marker (this one is an Elmer's brand).  I have used it in the past on fabric but it works on this project perfect too.  Since I am not planning on putting these in the dishwasher or washing them (except for just wiping) I wasn't worried about being scratched off.
 I started by drawing lines out from the center. 
Next connect the lines with a scalloped line.
 Continue until you get to the edge of the plate.  Allow it to dry.
 Now attach your cup or goblet or stand to the bottom of the plate.  I first center the stand where I wanted it and traced around the edge.  Then I put a layer of super glue around the bottom (or top) of the stand and on the circle I drew on the plate.  Place your stand on the glue.
 I wanted to add a spider last.  I spray painted a plastic spider (it was one of those rings, but I cut off the ring part).  I attached a piece of embroidery thread to the end of the spider and the edge of the plate using super glue (can I just say I love using super glue in crafts).
And then because I loved it I went back to the thrift store and got the remaining black plates and created a set of 3.
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  1. This is so cute! I featured it on my blog's Friday Favorites. http://www.raejean-easyaspie.com/

  2. Cute! I like how you did 3 together like that. FUN! Thanks for adding my name, I didn't know I inspired anyone...i'm famous - hehehe!

  3. This is great! I love the spider web!

  4. I love these. The spider hanging down is the greatest! Newest follower stopping by from Everything Under the Moon. Fellow participator in The Letter 4 Halloween Party! Cant wait to see your post :)



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