Jan 18, 2012

Valentines Cupcake Treat Holders

So as some of you have read I am doing a craft class locally at our Thrift Store.  The idea of the class is to give people ideas of crafts they can make with stuff from the thrift store.  For my first class I wanted to do something for Valentines day.  After playing around with a number of different ideas I came up with these:

They look like cupcakes but the top lifts off to reveal a little treat holder.  They make both a cute and functional valentine decoration.  Can you imagine a layered cake stand with these on it?  How fun.  (they would be cute for birthdays or a wedding too)
Okay so here is what you need to make these:
1 old t-shirt (a jersey knit one)
An old book
Cupcake liner papers Glue gun
Spray adhesive
Cupcake wrapper template ( template can be found here I just trimmed off the scalloped top)
Pan, sucker sticks and cupcake toppers are optional

1. Print and cut out the cupcake wrapper template.  Rip 2 pages from the book and trace the template on one, but cut through both layers.

2.  I use my trash can for this; place one of the wrapper layers in the trash can, spray with adhesive and then stick to the other wrapper piece. (making it with two layers just gives it more stability). 
3. Place a piece of double stick tape or a dab of glue on one straight end and adhere the other end to it to create a little cup.
4. Run a bead of glue around the cupcake liner paper and place down in the cupcake wrapper lining up the top edges.
5. From the t-shirt cut two 1 inch strips of fabric.
6. Cut the seams on one side of each strip to make two long strips.  Glue two ends together with hot glue making one really long strip.
7. Fold the long strip in half.
8. Holding one end in each hand twist the the strip until it is tight and then fold in half again.  The fabric should wind around itself like so: (looks rope like)
9. Beginning at the folded end put a small dab of hot glue and...
fold the end in (kind of making a little ball.  this is going to be the center of the cupcake).
10.  Continue running glue down the twist and curling the fabric round and round.
11.  Try and add some dimension to the "cupcake frosting" by bringing the twisted fabric underneath as you glue making the piece more 3 dimensional instead of just round and flat.
12.  The end result looks something like this:
13.  Now this part is purely optional but I had just got this fabulous pack of glitter for Christmas so I wanted to try some out.
I put the "frosting" piece in my trash can and sprayed it lightly with adhesive spray and then dusted it with glitter.
Here is one done with pink glitter.
Here is one done with white glitter.
The final step is to make the cupcake toppers if you wish.  I printed out the toppers from here and taped them to the top of a sucker stick.  I glued the end of the sucker stick into the middle of my "frosting" pieces.
If you want to put them in a cupcake pan it makes them look a little extra cute.  Just set your bottoms in and then fill with treats and place you frosting on top.  A fun little Valentine's surprise.
Happy thrifty crafting everyone.
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  1. buenísima idea!!!

  2. Love this!!! I'm jealous of all the glitter! ;o)

  3. These are fantastic! What a great idea to have a thrift store craft class! Good luck with these new endeavors!


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