Apr 21, 2012

Small Fry's 4th Birthday-Rainbow Style

I don't know if anyone even reads this any more but I keep doing fun things and thinking, "man I have to blog about this" and then I remember I am taking a break from blogging.  But I just couldn't hold out any longer.  I had to share something.  What better to share then Small Fry's rainbow birthday party. 
 The rainbow shirt was made by me.
 She isn't into really one thing in particular so we chose rainbows because they are springy and fun and perfect for our beautiful weather we have been having (except on the actual day of the party when it was cold and so windy that we had to have the party indoors). 
Here is the table (minus the punch but it is pictured below).  I had rainbow cookie pops, rainbow cupcakes in a jar, rainbow cake pops made by my amazing brother, a mini rainbow cake for the b-day girl to blow candles on, and treat bags that contained rainbow gum balls (forgot to get a picture but I do have a link to share) and rainbow glow wands.
 These are the rainbow cookie pops.  You can find the directions and recipe here.  The recipe is for edible playdough.  I have a post coming about the whole experience-which was fun and yummy (a big hit with mom and kiddos alike).
 You can find paint chip everything these days.  I wanted to make a few garlands for the party and my eye just couldn't get over the paint chips at our local hardware store.  Aren't they perfect for a rainbow party.  You would pay a bunch to make this from cardstock.
 Utensils wrapped in napkins with rainbow napkin rings (made from cardstock).  Little utensil pockets made from paint chips would be cute too.
 I made another garland out of these kind of paint chips (I just cut them in small triangles).
 In all my preparations I forgot to make an actual little cake for the candles to go on so my aunt and I ran to the store and bought this mini carrot cake.  I scraped the frosting carrots off the top and sprinkled colored sugar to make my rainbow on top.  It was perfect and easy.  I think I would do it that way again on purpose.
 These are cupcakes in a jar.  I think they are my new favorite thing.  I didn't take the time to make them perfectly layered as a rainbow but they still turned out beautiful.  The cake was so moist and because they nearly filled the jar there wasn't much room for frosting so they weren't sickening sweet.  They were a big hit with old and young at the party. 
 Rainbow cake pops made by brother who is working hard to become a famous pastry chef.  My husband said he could have eaten 40 of these.
 Rainbow juice (the cheap cheaters method).  I wanted to have a rainbow assortment of juice for the party but I had 2 set backs.  #1.  I couldn't find all the colors of the rainbow in juice containers and #2 the ones I did find were too expensive.  So I bought clear koolaid mix (it is flavored but not colored).  I made 2 batches and then poured it into my cups.  Then I added a tiny drop of food coloring to each cup, stirred and TADA!!! You could make it in 6 colored batches as well but I didn't have enough juice holding containers to do that.  It was fun because the kids were dead certain some tasted different than others.

All the printables I got from here
And this is the link to the gumball ideas as well.  Mine said, "I hope you had a ball at my party.  Thanks for coming."
Isn't it such a fun party idea.  I didn't even touch unicorns but think of what you could do with rainbows and unicorns for a little girls party. 

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  1. That is just the cutest party ever! Thanks for sharing! Your little girl is so darling!

  2. Glad to see you back, Heather! It looks like you had a fun party - I'm sure the wands were a big hit! Happy birthday to your 4 year old Big Girl!

  3. LOVE the rainbow party -- and so glad to see you back. Hope you keep blogging from time to time!

  4. It was nice to see you blog again, the party looked lovely.

  5. very fun! My favorite is the paint chip garland. So easy, but creates a fun touch!

  6. I was so happy to see another creative post from you, Heather! I love this idea! It would be perfect for my little girl's 1st birthday! Thanks so much for sharing and best wishes to you and your family!

  7. What a fun birthday party! And I LOVE that rainbow shirt!

  8. super cute ideas. i have always wanted to try the rainbow cake in a jar. hope you are doing great.

  9. Love the Kool Aid idea! I have to do that with my students. I love to do fun things for them, but the cost just adds up so fast. That I can do!

  10. So nice to read you again!
    Love your rainbo birthday party newa,seems so much fun !

    Love, Marina.

  11. Just happened to click on you and ta-da there was a new blog and a great birthday! Isn't your daughter growing up!? I think one could take these ideas and make them work for a much older crowd and will give it a try when the grandkids birthdays roll around!

  12. I still check your blog all the time in the hopes that you will make random posts lol, so glad you did. I love getting birthday party ideas and seeing what everyone comes up with especially when its homemade goodies and decorations! Small Fry's party was too cute, you did a great job.

  13. Wow! Look at you! I just commented on your cookie post that a rainbow party would be fun but you were already a step ahead of me! You took the rainbow idea and ran with it! I love it! Happy birthday Small Fry! :)

  14. thought I was checking on a regular basis but i must have missed a few weeks because I have just discovered your new posts. I remember finding your blog shortly after small fry turned one while looking for ideas for my little ones first birthday. Looks like a great day, what fum memories.
    April NS


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