Apr 27, 2012

Edible Playdough and Rainbow Cookie Pops

I wanted to make rainbow cookie pops for Small Fry's rainbow birthday party.  I found this recipe for edible playdough and this great idea for making it into rainbows-I just had to try it.  A note or two about the recipe: it is called edible playdough because it is meant to eat but the recipe does call for an egg.  I was not thinking while making the cookie dough about the egg and so we made it and ate a hardy amount of it unbaked with the raw egg in it.  No one got sick so we were okay but if I made it again I would substitute egg powder or egg replacer for the actual egg and then it is safely "edible".  I thought that one recipe of dough would not be enough and almost doubled it but it actually was enough to make 16 rainbow cookies and a pan of cookies made by my girls.  The dough has to be refridgerated so plan ahead.  It is very easy to mold and the taste (both baked and unbaked) is wonderful. To get the dough colored I made the basic recipe then broke it into as many different balls as I needed colors and then I kneaded a few drops of food coloring into each ball.  My hands ended up slightly colored but it was easier then putting each through a mixer but you can do it however you wish.
 These are the cookies my girls made.
 These are mine (unbaked).  After forming them I slid a stick in the middle carefully. 
 Here are the girls cookies baked (they were very proud)
 Here are mine.  I baked them just a touch longer then recommened to make sure they would not break when held by the stick.
I love this idea.  I am planning on doing it again when I can just make crazy cookies with my girls.
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  1. Thanks for sharing! Your cookie pops are adorable, but I love the tie-dye cookies your girls made. They are so sweet! I'm going to try this recipe with my daycare kiddos. Thanks again for taking time out of your insanely busy life to post this for us! :)

  2. I love your blog and was very sad when you said you needed a break, but totally understood. I don't know how you get it all done blogging, being a mom and a wife!!! I can't wait to make these cookies with my daughter she is going to love this! I also just started following you on Pinterest!!!! Thank you so much for blogging again!! Take care.

  3. Ditto! What Anonymous said! I missed you!
    Also, these cookies look so yummy and colorful- my kids would love them! Ooh! How fun would a rainbow themed party be?

  4. nice idea.. thanks for sharing.


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