May 4, 2012

Sidewalk Chalk Paint

 Part of the reason I took a break from blogging is so that I could spend more time (quality-real, kid centered) time with my girls.  I want to be more available to say "yes" to their requests rather than, "in a minute."  I am trying to actual look at some of the amazing things I have been pinning on Pinterest and put some of them into action.  We recently tried sidewalk chalk paint.  The girls were ancy one morning and I said, "lets make some paint for outside" and they were pretty thrilled about that idea.  I wasn't sure how well it would work but the results were FANTASTIC.  I just made a few colors because I am running low on food coloring and I wasn't sure how long my girls would last.  They however loved this because they could just paint where ever they wanted and I wasn't nearly as paranoid as I am indoors.  And can I just add that the artwork lasts a long time (unlike regular chalk-unless you get it wet I am guessing but we did it under our carport) and the clean up was a breeze. Oh and it works best with large brushes.  It goes on kind of watery but dries just like chalk and in nice bright colors.

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  1. I, too, pinnedc this on pinterest! I was going to try it with my daycare kids on a nice sunny day, but was hesitant that it wouldn't work right. I'm glad your girls had so much fun (they look so cute painting away)! Thanks again for stopping to post!!

  2. I must try this! Your cuties are getting so big!!!

  3. just wondering if it left any stains when washed off? Wanted to try this just did not want to ruin anything.
    April NS

  4. It has stayed on our carport for a while though it is not an area that gets rain but as for washing off the trays and paint brushes it came off no problem. We tried it again a second time and my daughter got some on her arm and face, it left a light stain for a while but was gone by the next day. So far it hasn't been on clothes but it would probably stain since it has food coloring in it.


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