May 10, 2012

And now I found a summer drink I could make everyday

I usually make a big batch of homemade popsicles at about this time of year but this year (thanks to Pinterest) I found a new summer treat: Koolaid Slushes.  These are so super easy to make and DELICIOUS.  The recipe says to freeze them before slurping but I haven't found any need to do that.  They are perfect right from the blender and besides (what 2 and 4 year olds can wait an extra 30 minutes).  You have got to try these.  A perfect summer treat.
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  1. yum! curious... does the club soda make it bubbly? could you just use water as well?

  2. The club soda does make it bubbly and kinda zippy. I haven't tried it with water so i am not sure how it would turn out but I am guessing fine. Maybe lemonade would be good too and just add less sugar.


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