May 16, 2012

Random Tips

This is one of the reasons why I wanted to dabble in blogging again-having a place to share random and sometimes helpful tips and thoughts.  Here are three new tips that I have put into practice in my life:
1. Paint your toenails before having a shower then when you get in the shower run your toes under the cold water for a couple of minutes to set the polish then proceed with the shower as usual.  A great way to multi-task and saves time on waiting for nail polish to dry.  You have to keep them under the cold water for a least a couple of minutes in order for it to work.
2. Speaking of showers have you tried shaving your legs with hair conditioner.  I read about it on a Pinterest post which said that it made your legs super soft and saves you money.  I have been doing it for a few weeks now and love the results and even my super sensitive miss picky small fry has commented on how soft my legs there.
3. Do you like to hang your laundry out to dry but hate crunchy towels?  I do.  I don't use fabric softener because it is so blasted inconvenient (if you have an older washing machine like I do) and it makes my girls skin rash bad so when I hang my towels they always end up crunchy.  Then I read a laundry post on Pinterest (of course) and it said to dry your towels in the dryer for 5 minutes prior to hanging and you will no longer have crunchy towels.  I did it, I hung them out to dry and the end result...FABULOUS. 
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  1. I wouldn't shave my legs with anything else! My skin is so soft and never gets scaly! It's brilliant! And since shampoo gets used up so much more quickly, I have far too much conditioner floating around! Glad you've found the "secret" to smooth skin and hair-free legs!!

  2. all three sound good, it is nice to know how the things you see or read work out for people. Thank you for sharing.
    April NS

  3. I used to shave my legs with conditioner and once in a while I still do. But I started waxing them and I love it. I'd much rather rip out my hair once every 3 or 4 weeks than shave my legs every 3 or 4 days. :D


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