May 19, 2012

Thoughts on Maternity and Pinterest

Consider this your heads up....If you type the word "maternity" or the words "baby announcements" in the search bar on Pinterest you will get way more pictures of bare bellies and other parts then you really care to see.  I am shocked at how "free" some pregnant women are.  I mean to each her own right, but I just find some of it confusing.  Like what does a man and a woman in their underwear with her belly bare, sitting on the edge of a bathtub have to do with anything?  And if that happens to be you and you read my blog I apologize for not understanding your artistic view of pregnancy.  So I asked my husband if he thought I should wrap myself in some chiffon fabric and frolic in the woods for a pregnancy shoot to show off each and everyone of my stretch marks to the world.  Ya, he didn't really go for the idea.  To be honest I wouldn't want to in a million years anyway.  A pregnant belly is a beautiful thing but I don't need my son to some day look the pictures and say, "what the he** were you thinking?"  And actually my pregnant belly really isn't that gorgeous: stretch marks, and three stubborn belly hairs that grow back right over my belly button no matter how much plucking I do.  No one wants to see it anyway.  I will let the other free mothers out there fill the Pinterest world with their bellies-mine will remain hidden under fairly undesirable maternity cloths and pants held together with a hair elastic.
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  1. Haha! Some artistic views are, shall we say, interesting??? Didja see the one of the naked man doing a handstand in front of the mom whose belly covers his privates? It's beyond hysterical... that one kept my hubby and I chuckling for 9 months! No one needs to see my belly either, including me! Enjoy the belly, though. It goes too quickly! Thanks for the laugh!!

  2. I'm with you.... even if my last one was 37 years ago!

  3. I have to agree. My husband doesn't want me to even post a belly (everything else fully covered) on Facebook for our friends and family to see. I can understand why, but it still apalls me at what some people will post!

  4. Thanks for making me laugh. :) Love you Heather! I'm with ya! I never got into the whole belly shots either.

  5. Thank heaven there are women like you who are modest, no one needs to see pregnant bellies. They are beautiful, but keep it private. I am way too old for this crazy world, what is it coming to anyway.


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