Jun 30, 2012

Last Minute Patriotic Crafts

I am posting these extremly last minute not because I am slow at posting but because I seriously made these two things last night/afternoon just in the nick of time.  They are both super easy so you still have time even today to get them made.
The first is a 2x4 flag.  This requires a bit of hubby assistance as you will need to have 6 2x4's cut the same length.  I didn't sand them, or even brush them off before painting.  I wanted it to be as rustic as possible.  Spray paint them the appropriate colors (before assembling), I made an el-cheapo cardboard stencil for the stars.  After they are painted sand them.  Then flip them over and nail thin boards on the back to hold them all together (or a heavy duty staple or nail gun could be used-which leads me to a side note: power tools are fairly essential to crafting I am finding out.  I Wish I had more confidence in using them-I could do some serious crafting damage).  My husband was gone while I put the whole thing together so the actual assembly for me was a bit of a gong show (which is why I am not showing you the view from the back).  But I got it together and up for now until he can step in a help fix it.  I have it on my front step tucked behind these milk cans.  I love it. 
The second is a burlp covered wreath.  I cleaned out my craft room today and had one random piece of burlap that I didn't know where to store it.  So I had a moment of inspiration and this lovely and patriotic wreath was created and the burlap is now taken care of.
 I cut my burlap into strips long enough to wrap around the wreath.  I spray painted them red, white and blue.  Then using hot glue I wrapped them around the wreath and glued in place alternating red and white strips.  NOTE: be very careful gluing these on-the glue soaks right through the burlap and is very dangerous just ask my finger that is missing a big chunk of skin that was stuck to the hot glue (it's not pretty).
 Add the strips of blue.
Paint on the stars. I just free handed some stars with white paint and a brush.
 And done.  Literally 15 minutes start to finish and I love everything about it.

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  1. both are great "might have to try" projects!

  2. So funny I just saw these two crafts on pintrest and thought they were so cute, wishing I could some how make cute crafts like these for the Canadian flag, it is at times like this i wish i was american. Then I pop in to see if the are any new posts on your blog to discover you are the crafty mind behind these adorable crafts. Great job I also loved your fabric covered christmas bulb wreath as well.
    Have a happy 4th
    April NS Canada

    1. I am Canadian myself and have to admit-the US just has a funner holiday to craft for. There is so much you can do with red white and blue. Happy Canada day to you.

  3. Love the 2X4. Flag. Beautiful. Would be lovely welcome sign with some Eyelet screws. On the top with some ribbon, or torn and frayed strips of material. :) Reminds me of the type of stuff my Gram would make to sell at farmers market ir the craft shows. P.s. I just love your blog... I really enjoy reading your posts. :)


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