Jul 27, 2012

Super Boy Onesie

This is my latest little boy onesie.  I think it may be one of my favorites of all time.  My question to you is: Should I add a little cape (a detachable one of course) to go with it?  I kinda want it to have a cape.  And if you added a cape would you put the super logo on it again or what would you put on it?  And if you want to make your own, I found the "B" as well as all the other letters here
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  1. That is so super cute! I love it :0) I would add a cape but I would leave it a solid color with nothing on it.

  2. That's super cute.... not sure about the cape especially in this weather. Summer = less is better !

    1. The onesie is not necessarily for someone to wear right now in the summer. It is to sell at a craft show in the fall and it is size 12 months so it will likely be bought by someone who has a baby that can wear it in the the fall. My mom would probably love your comment because she is the type that is always being practical and figures if it is something that she doesn't like no one else will either. But the baby industry is filled with impractical baby items that moms would likely never wear themselves. That is what makes it so fun-creating cute and probably impractical items for all those little angels on earth that moms just can't resist buying because it will make their little darling that much more darling.

    2. I like the idea below... guess I AM practical like your Mother. A bib that can reverse to a cape is a great idea!

  3. You could always just use a solid color baby bib as a backward cape? I love the onies the way it is tho super cute! Baby to safe the day.

  4. I was thinking of a cape made from a t-shirt. It is completely no sew, light weight and could either snap on or velcro on and off. It would serve no real purpose except to be cute for a picture or something. Baby to save the day-EXACTLY!!


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