Jul 21, 2012

A few new ideas you have to try

I know most any of you could find these same ideas by doing an internet search or looking on Pinterest but if you are like me they may be things you would have never thought to even look for in the first place.  That is just another reason why I love Pinterest.  I have found so many ideas and tried so many ideas that I never would have even thought of looking for on the internet, never mind all the time it would have taken to find one to try in the first place.  So I just wanted to share some of my new favorite neat ideas that make life a little handier.
#1.  DIY weed spray with natural ingredients found in your home: GO HERE  This stuff smells awful but works good on weeds (not all weeds are affected by it so be warned). 
#2. DIY sparkling tub cleaner: GO HERE  This stuff was awesome.  Spray it on, leave it for an hour (or less if things aren't that gungy (yes that is a made up word) then come back and wipe with a wet sponge.  I loved the smell and it left my tub sparkling.  Not going to guarantee it will clean anything but I had a pretty gross ring around my tub and I didn't have to scrub a thing.
#3. DIY laundry grease remover.  Have you heard this?  To get a grease or cooking oil stain out of your clothes rub some dish soap on it then launder as usual.  I had a skirt that got a big ol fat butter spot on it.  I tried putting cornstarch on it, I tried putting chalk on it and I accidentally threw it in the dryer without checking if the stain was out and guess what it was still there just as big as ever.  Then I found this on Pinterest and rubbed dish soap all over it and washed it and hung it out to dry.  I could still see just a tiny bit of the stain so I did it once more and guess what? The stain was gone.  Where has this been all my life?  I am like a grease magnet.  And to think of all the shirts I have cut up for sewing projects because they were stained.
#4. DIY oxy clean.  This one is also amazing.  Rub hydrogen peroxide and baking soda on a stain then wash as usual.  I just pour a little bit of the peroxide then add a bit of baking soda run it in and then add a bit more peroxide to make a paste.  I even got out a set it stain (washed and dried repeatedly) in a maternity dress (you know the area below your belly that you can't see even touched anything).  I put this on it and washed it and the stain was out.  Let it sit on tough stains.  I am not guaranteeing it will get everything out but it works pretty darn slick.  And don't forget that peroxide works great on getting blood out of clothing.

Now go forth and try them out. May you have amazing results just like me.
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