Nov 1, 2012

To answer all the baby shoe questions

I have been asked more questions about these baby shoes than anything else I have ever done on this blog.  I love all the buzz they have created.  I can not take credit for the original idea however.  I just turned the template I found into baby shower favors and they seem to be a huge hit.  So now to hopefully answer everyone's questions all in one place: here is the link to the pattern.  Note: the link appears to no longer be working.  This is a problem with their site.  I have added a link to a copy of the pattern that I have.  I am not claiming this as mine.  Please don't credit me as creating the pattern.  I am just sharing.

If you want to see more ideas from the shower you can go here

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  1. love these and I have a shower for a friend comming up on the 10th - Thank you - April

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