Oct 22, 2012

We are getting ready for another party

Well I am alive-just overwhelmed (slightly) by these 3.  
 I want to write on this blog all the time but really if I have a spare minute I would prefer to pee or get a drink or talk to a friend so the time to actually sit and type something is very limited.  But we do have some really fun stuff coming up at our house because these little monkey is turning:
 Yep-3.  And since she is my Halloween baby I always love throwing her a party.  This years theme is monkeys.  We aren't have a monkey party because she loves monkeys but because she is a monkey.  So here are a few sneak peaks.

These are the invitations (a pattern will be coming)

Part of the party favors-Dollar Store monkeys with homemade pink tutu's

Treat bags

Stay tuned everyone (and I mean it-I promise to be back) with more monkey party ideas and patterns/links.
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1 comment:

  1. So great to see a new post. Thanks. Ilove the monkey theme, but I love the monkey even more. This would be a good theme for those monkey boys that we have in this family. Too bad you are so far from Jenny, she could just re-use them.


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