Dec 18, 2012

Oh Sensitive Child..Who is Making Progress: A real Mommy Moment

If you have been reading Small Fry for a while you may recall this post about my super sensitive child.  I am so grateful for all the great people who shared comments and advice with me about what was an overwhelming issue at the time.  The other day when we were out of town staying at a hotel I was snapping some pictures of Small Fry holding Mr. T and realized that I was capturing a picture of something a few months ago I thought would never happen again with her.  Look close at the picture.  Can you tell what she is wearing on her legs?  Jeans.  She is wearing blue jeans.  After a year and a half of only soft pants I have finally got her to wear blue jeans again.  It just happened.  We got some in a hand me down bag and I asked her if she wanted to surprise daddy and her friend and her friends mom and wear blue jeans one day and she said yes.  I made it into a huge deal.  We danced, I squealed in delight and I praised her the entire day for being so brave to try something new.  I honestly thought it would never happen but you know (just like many people said in comments on my original post) she grew out of that particular issue and actually is making strides in many areas.  She washes her hands (not with soap yet but at least she will wash them), she doesn't mind lotion when she has an itch, she will wipe off water around the sink that she doesn't like on her own if it is bothering her, she doesn't have to wear an undershirt every day and she has even tried on some cute clothes that have elastic around the sleeves and though she thinks it will bother her she forgets about it quickly.  I have a couple of things to thank for the changes that I see in her.  #1-being patient (as patient as I could be most days) with the sensitivity. #2-being part of something outside of home like ballet lessons.  She is interacting with other kids and seeing what others are doing and I think that has been a good influence. #3-She has a friend.  She has never had a friend her age up until a few months ago and God smiled on us and sent her a friend and one for me too and I think it has been so good for her because she wants to be like her friend and is willing to do a bit more because of it.  We still have a long way to go but what once felt like a huge pit of never ending pickiness now has eased up a ton and I hope it will only continue to get better.  I wish that it could be the same way for everyone out there that has to deal with these kind of issues.  They are sure exhausting. At least in my case, waiting in out without losing it over every little thing has brought us to the point we are at today and I am so thankful.

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  1. I was glad to read things have become so much better with your oldest. I guess an important thing to try to keep in mind is: "This, too, shall pass." Because almost every stage or issue does eventually become history. Cute photos of your kids!


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