Mar 13, 2013

Easter Bunny Bunting

After Christmas is over I love to take down all my decorations and leave my house decorationless for a little while.  It makes everything feel big, and roomy and fresh.  But when the snow melts outside, and the sun starts to shine more and buds for on the trees then I am ready to decorate for spring and this year I wanted to add a spring bunny banner to my decor.  There are a lot of really cute ideas out there.  I took inspiration for all the ones I found and came up with this one.

For this project I used a piece of heavy weight Pellon which I ironed onto one half of my piece of fabric.  This way I could fold it in half and cut two pieces of the pattern.
Fold fabric in half, pin pattern and cut out 2 pieces.  
Sew the pieces together
 Then trim with pinking shears.
 For the bunny backs I glued a cotton ball on for a tail.
 For the bunny fronts I drew two small eyes with permanent marker, chalked the cheeks and added a bow
 Then I created my pennant shapes and added paper eggs decorated with these great masking stickers from Wholeport.
 All that was left was to assemble.  I glued everything to a thin ribbon alternating bunny tails and bunny faces.
 The end result is simple and perfectly springy.  The whole thing was so quick and easy to make.  
 What could be cuter than a fluffy cotton tail for Easter?

Just another one of those projects that makes me wish I had a mantle.  This is very mantle worthy don't you think?

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  1. Love this Thank you for the post and the time you put into your blog. I've been wanting something new to add to my Easter decor and this will work out great.


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