May 16, 2013

T-shirt Ruffle Skirt-The Rainbow Version

Back in February I showed you my tutorial to make a ruffle skirt from recycled t-shirts.  At that time I said that I would be sharing a rainbow version in the future.  Well after what feels like a million other things going on in my life, I finally to it done and am super excited to share the idea with all of you.

Presenting Miss Sunshine with her rainbow ruffle skirt.
 I made this following the same basic tutorial that I used for the black one only this time I made it bigger and longer.  It was a bit trickier sewing the ruffles to a larger skirt because it was already gathered from sewing on the waste band first.  The thing though that I love about these is that they are full of flaws but you can't tell.  
I am not sharing a full tutorial here for this because it is made pretty much like the black ruffle skirt.  I will just share a few details:
 Each rainbow ruffle is made from a t-shirt.  I used 3 inch wide strips and cut through both layers of the t-shirt like this: (I start by cut at one end and then fold it over and use it as a guide for the rest of the cut)
 I cut 2 layers from each shirt this way and then cut one seam in each making them into long strips.  I sewed the 2 long strips together to form one REALLY long strip and then gathered one edge of that.  I pinned the ruffle to the skirt and sewed along my basting stitches.
Every layer after that was sewn the same way and pinned and sewn underneath the above layer.
I made 2 of these and the first one I sewed the waste band on first and the second I sewed the waste band on second.  I am not sure which method I liked more as they each presented a few of their own challenges (sewing if first made the skirt gathered and a bit tricky to pin onto and sewing it last made it hard for me to line up the waste band perfectly with the top ruffle.  This skirt I am showing is the one I sewed the waste band onto last) but in the end the skirt turned out so cute and bright and cheerful and my girls LOVE them. 
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