Jan 27, 2009

My new inspiration

I love getting mail. When I open my mail box and file through all the mail it always makes me happy to have something with my name on it. Seems like Greg is always getting all the mail (all those bills addresses to him...how unfair...not!!!) But yesterday there was mail for me; a package from my dear friend Charelle.
And this is what was inside. Bakerella had posted about this book on her blog. That is where I first heard of it but I hadn't opened the cover ever. Oh what I was missing. This is the best cupcake decorating book. I love it because the techniques are simple and use everyday materials. There are so many cute ideas in this. If you love decorating cupcakes you have to get this book. Thank you, thank you, thank you Charelle for my new inspiration. It is the perfect gift.
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