Jan 29, 2009

At Michaels for under $5.00

I went to Michaels Crafts the other day just to look but there was so many great things and stuff just kept on jumping into my cart and my brain started to go into warp speed with ideas ( I love when that happens) and so needless to say I left with more than I had planned on. But it was all a really good deal. I was so excited about their under $5.00 isle. Crafters you have to check it out. They had so many cute things. Lots of great gift ideas. Here is what I got.

I got these chipboard books for $1.oo each and these metal garden row markers for $1.99 each. Lately small fry has been loving to look at pictures of herself. So I used on of the chipboard books to make her a book of pictures of herself. Unfortunately the pictures will not load onto this post so I can only show you the cover. I painted the edges first with craft paints then sanded them down a bit. Then I glued scrapbook paper squares in the center of each page with her picture on them. It turned out really cute. Maybe I will try and load the pictures again sometime.

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  1. Saw the book today in church and it is really cute. Yes Allie loves to look at all pictures and kisses whenever she sees herself. Really cute!


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