Oct 8, 2009

Bumper pads; the continuing story

Well I think that my post on my dilemma about using bumper pads may have been one of the most helpful things I have found on the Internet. Thank you for all of your comments. It was so great to get so much feedback from moms in the same position as myself. First I was amazed at how many of you said you have/had a night crawler like small fry. I thought she was just blessed with extra genius genes from her dad and I and that was the reason she was able to move around so much at an early age. Actually I did find it kind of odd and wondered if it was normal so I am glad to find out it is. In the end, all the comments were really reassuring that if I was to use bumper pads I would not be putting my child right in the line of danger and that they are being used all over currently (not just when my mom had babies). So I decided to proceed with the bumper pads. The ones I made are super simple and not very frilly or anything else. But they will serve the purpose for sure. I didn't use a pattern and I didn't create a tutorial as I went (sorry for anyone that would like one. Tutorials take a long time and I had limited time in which to get these done while small fry napped one day). They were really easy. I just cut my foam down to the size I thought would work. I cut my fabric slightly larger, sewed it together leaving one end open, slipped the foam pieces inside and sewed the end closed. Then I sewed down the middle of each piece and again on each of the long sides. Then I added my ties. Here is a look.
These look the same, but one is from one end of the crib and the other from the other end.
So we are set for baby # 2 to arrive and here's hoping that we have less crawling on the floor in the night looking for binkies this time around.
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  1. The bumper pad is really cute!!!

    And to add another comment about nite crawling...I would lay my son down in one of those wedges that's supposed to prevent them from rolling, but he still wiggled out of it.

    Good luck with all things baby!!!!

  2. What foam did you use?

  3. Oh I am not sure what kind of foam it was. It was some we just had around the house but it is the same kind that you would find a mattress pad (the kind you put on top of your mattress..only not eggcarton kind) made out of (you know that yellow colored foam). Sorry, that is about as unhelpful as one could be. I have never bought foam from a fabric shop or anything but I am assuming they sell it. It was about 1/2 inch thick also.


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