Oct 29, 2009

Craft day Thursday

Today, well every Thursday, is the day that I try and dedicate to doing crafts/creative projects. I do things on other days as well but on Thursdays I do only the basic necessities to keep the house running and work on crafts as much as possible. The word "dedicate" is used loosely these days as my tiny, cute assistant goes between fairly uncooperative and extremely uncooperative much of the time, but nevertheless I manage to get something done that is crafty. So here are some projects from today and some projects that were finished last night and today. And might I add all the while I have been having random contractions and getting nervous because I know what is going to happen any day now (and by that I don't mean just adding a second child to our family, by that I mean giving birth.) As scary as it is the first time around, I think it is scarier the second time around because you know what is going happen and how it is going to feel. I think that helped me be so productive today; trying to keep preoccupied. Okay so now here are the pictures: I am no Bakerella but these are my attempt at some spider cupcakes I made for some treat plates we will be taking out Friday night. Last year we decided to start a tradition of going Treating the night before Halloween with Small Fry in her costume to a few close friends and neighbors. We take a plate of treats to them and let Small Fry show off her costume.

These are for my husbands class Halloween party tomorrow which I will be helping with if I am not having a baby. I found the idea in a Family Fun magazine. They are doughnut holes dipped in "candy coating". I didn't have a peice of foam to stand them in while they dried so I used sand from the sandbox and actually I think they look cool and creepy just in these pails. I liked them plain like this, kind of look like gobblin eyes or something but...

They are supposed to look like this and I think they are cool this way too.
My husbands class has about as much creativity as wet paint (well actually wet paint may be a bit more creative than they, so dry paint) so they probably won't understand what these are supposed to be but oh well. My husband says they will probably think they are baseballs. Well it is the world series right now so I guess that could work. And a side note of disappointment to Wal-Mart for having the driest doughnut holes I have ever tasted. But when you only have one choice what do you do?
Here is the start of a set of felt food for a Christmas gift that I finished last night.
And a toddlers chef hat and apron to go with the felt food that I made today. I had a pattern for the chef's hat but just used my old apron and cut it much smaller to make this toddler version.
And last the blessing dress for our new arrival. It is plain and simple, made with eyelet material, but she will make it totally adorable I just know it. I am kind of hoping for a little girl with lots of dark hair this time around.
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  1. Wow, you crafted it up!!! Love the spider cupcakes! I really like the idea of setting aside one day a week to craft... maybe I will try that myself. Thursday is a good day!

    Yay for Baby #2! You will do great!

  2. I've read your blog for a while, but don't think I've ever commented.
    You got all of this done in one day? WOW! Way to be productive!
    I have 4 kids, 3 at home (one is homeschooled). I wish I had the time to do all of this!
    Good luck with the baby. #2 is really not that bad. You'll be fine.

  3. Love the Halloween projects -- and the blessing dress is BEAUTIFUL. Can't wait until the little one arrives!

  4. For those of you who follow Heathers blog, I just wanted to let you know that she had her baby this morning. If you would like to see a quick early look....... go to www.ovards.blogspot.com

    Congrats Heather! We love you!


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