Oct 15, 2009

Cute Halloween Packaging Ideas

I was needing to find a cute way to package some cookies to give to some of our Primary Children that we were visiting this week and so I decided to dig out my paper bag idea from much earlier in the year. For a tutorial on how to make these go here. This just goes to show that these can be used for any season and can be for boys and girls. I thought they would make cute party favors for a Halloween party. As I was making these I also got my mind racing with ideas for Thanksgiving and Christmas so keep posted for those. Just a note about these: I only decorated one side of these. You could decorate both.

Here are a few close up's.
The spiders are large black buttons and the legs are made with black masking tape. I sewed the buttons on but they could also be glued.
Here is a simpler version if you were going to mass produce these. The BOO is made with stick on letters. I added some ric rac for decoration and then attached these little bat cutouts with white string and tape.
This one is made with a Snip-It's pattern. I originally bought my patterns at Pebbles in my Pocket but they don't make them to sell in store any more. You can however go on-line and buy downloadable versions of the patterns. For this pattern go here then look around because these patterns are so adorable. I just shrunk mine down to make a smaller version.
This is what they look like from the top. Plenty of room for lots of treats this Halloween.

Then last minute, after I had made the 3 bags, I got a call that I needed 2 more treats. So I whipped up these. The decorations are a bit lame, but I was in a rush and decided to add a tutorial of these so I didn't take as much time on decorating.
For these you will need 1 piece of 12X12 cardstock (this is enough to make one)
Cut the cardstock into two strips that are 4 7/8" wide.
Overlap these in the middle about 1 inch and glue or tape in place. This will give you one long strip that measures 20 3/4" X 4 7/8".
Using a razor and a ruler score the strip at the following places:
3/4 " from one end
9 1/4 " from the same end
12 1/4" from the same end.
Fold along these scoring lines. Make sure your folds are crisp.
Trim 2 3/8 " off the opposite end and assemble and decorate. I put cellophane bags with cookies and treats inside, then folded over my top flap and punched holes through everything. Then I tied them with ribbon.

The measurements were just to suit this particular cellophane bag size. You could alter the measurements based on what you are using. Again lots of possibilities with these.
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