Oct 23, 2009

Fall in full blossom

Just a few fall pictures from Small fry and Co.

Our front porch with a few Halloween decorations. Usually we have at least 20-30 pumpkins but this year the guy we usually get them from had a poor pumpkin crop so I am sad; pumpkins are my favorite thing. I would have them year round if I could.
She loves leaves just like most anything else.
And she loves pumpkins too. She points them out where ever she goes.
A mommy-daughter moment.
And for all who are wondering (the 1 or 2 of you) here is a look at the lady who is about ready to pop and throw out her maternity jeans. I am feeling good and pregnant. Enough said right?
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  1. Love Small Fry with the leaves--she is too cute. Way to ROCK the belly--you are a cute pregnant lady :)

  2. Heath, you look like a million bucks! Absolutely adorable. Hope you're feeling good too, although I know when it's so close there is absolutely no getting comfortable! Tali :)

  3. Heather, you look great!! And Allie is getting so big! Can't wait to see her and Dace together. I wish I had leaves to rake. But no, I have to buy fake plastic ones to drape across my balcony. sigh....see you soon!


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