Oct 25, 2009

Our little Lady Bug

If this doesn't get you in the Halloween Spirit I don't know what will. Here is our little lady bug testing out her costume and showing Grammy before she goes to Arizona. Getting her to sit still was quite the challenge. She is one speedy lady bug. Probably the cutest one I have ever seen.

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  1. My daughter is going to be a ladybug too, but Small Fry's costume is so much cuter. My daughters still needs a little work--I am running out of time :)

  2. Cute costume! I am thinking I need to get mine out and tried on so that I can make sure that they fit.

  3. did you make her wings? if so, you have to post a tutorial pleeeaaassseeee!!!!!!! small fry is too cute. thanks for your blog. i read it as often as i can (every other day or two).

  4. I did make small fry's ladybug wings. I just came up with the idea in my head. I cut out a piece that I thought would look like half a set of wings, added enough extra so that I could sew them and stuff them and then cut out 2 on the fold out of a piece of felt. I don't know if I will get a tutorial done or not but I will see what I can do. That would mean I would have to make another set and I don't know if I am up to it right now. We shall see. Glad you like em.


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