Dec 21, 2009

Hot Chocolate on a Stick

So here is my version of Hot Chocolate on a Stick (recipe here).

I put a marshmallow on my stick prior to putting it in my chocolate in my ice cube tray. After the chocolate hardened in the refrigerator I dipped them in white chocolate and then in crushed candy canes.
I packaged them up in sets of 2 and 4. Don't they look delicious? I wish I had some left over to give to myself.
Now a comment about the recipe:
When I made it it was super thick like almost playdough thick. I had a really hard time stirring it and I didn't get a single drop of water in it. I still put it in a plastic bag and piped it into my ice cube tray but I probably could have just broke off little chunks and put it in there. But it turned out just fine and smooth and beautiful. So if you make it and yours is really thick don't panic or add anything to it.
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