Dec 21, 2009

Cookies For Santa Kit

I saw the original idea for this Cookies for Santa Kit here. For mine I used a #10 can from my food storage. I decorated the outside with scrapbook paper attached with double sided tape. You could get all sorts of creative with this, I didn't have a lot of time when I put mine together so I had to keep it pretty simple.

I stamped the words to a piece of cardstock cut to fit the lid and added some buttons.
This is what I put inside. Target had these cookie cutter sets and sprinkles sets for $2.50 each. I thought they were a steal and not overly cheap looking for a cheap price. The sprinkle set came with 5 different containers in it by the way, but I used 3 for other projects. I added a note that said, "Here is a kit to help you make Santa some cookies for Christmas Eve. I hear he likes extra frosting and sprinkles."
It turned out really cute and was really easy and not that expensive. A great gift idea for neighbors and friends.
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  1. I really like that idea. I should do this for my neighbors and friends

  2. Love it so much I linked to it in my blog THANKS!



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