Dec 18, 2009

Some other crafty women

Whenever I find a blog or website that catches my attention or makes me say, "that is soooo cute" I add it to my favorites list and then I check it ever few days (well I used to, now it is whenever I have time). But I am always on the look out for new favorites. When I am searching for new blogs the first place that I turn to are the blogs I already check. Many have their favorites listed on their sidebars. I search through these for new inspiration. Well I have some of my most favorite favorites listed on my sidebar and when I get a chance I try and update it. So tonight I added some of my new favorites just in case any of you out there are looking for some new inspiration and have not found these wonderful women.
Check out:
Brown Paper Packages
Simply Complicated
The Idea Room
Lu Bird Baby
Creative Itch
Craftaholics Anonymous
How Does She
Blue Cricket Design
And in case any of these great women ever look at my meager blog, keep up the great work ladies. I am lovin' it.
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  1. Your new baby would look so cute in this! And you totally have the sewing skills to pull it off.

  2. You are SO right! I am new to blogging so I love reading others' blogs and I check their favorite blogs for some new ideas, too. That's how I found your blog and I just love it! Your crafts look so polished when you are done with them! And, I love your thoughts on life--I can always relate!

  3. I love checking out your blog too! You always have great ideas and your crafts turn out awesome!


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