Dec 18, 2009

What day is it part 2

People do you realize that Christmas is next week? Like how did that happen? I guess I better stop planning what I am going to bake for our neighborhood goodie plates and actually get them made. Good thing my husband had the foresight to throw tape in his cart the other day during a joint shopping trip to Walmart seeing as how my last trip there was a complete bust. Otherwise we would be gluing the paper to the packages this year.

Today I spent the whole day looking for small fry's new Dora cup. Could not find it any where. My husband informed me tonight that it is in the dish drainer. That would be why I faintly remember washing it this morning.

Small fry turned 20 months old the other day. 20 in 4 months away from being 2 years old. Now how did THAT happen.

The other day at a funeral someone asked me how old sweet pea was. I looked at her with a blank stare and finally said, "umm, I don't know" my husband then chimed in that she was 6 weeks old that day. I was still thinking she was 4 weeks old.

The other morning my husband came in after his shower and I half opened one eye and he said, "I started a fire, small fry is still sleeping and I have to be to my meeting in 5 minutes." I responded with a groggy, "what day is it?"

No, I am not getting enough sleep!
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