Jan 3, 2010


Motherhood Answered my new blog. I know, I know, what am I thinking? When I told my husband I wanted to do it I think the exact message that I read on his face was, "and when are you going to find the time for this?" I am still doing smallfry and co, I am addicted to it, but I wanted to have another blog that kind of went in another direction. Motherhood Answered is a place to for me (at least for now-hopefully more moms will join in soon) to ask my many mothering questions, the ones that I have on a day to day basis and to request the advice, help and support of other mothers out there who are going through the same thing, or have been there. And it is a place for any mom to ask a question and solicit the help of other moms the whole world over. We have all wished there was a book that told us the right thing to do as a mom, but we know there is no such thing but there are plenty of moms with good advice out there that I might not ever meet except through the blogging world and if any of them, any of you can help me in my mommy journey, I would be more than grateful. So if you are a mom, or you know a mom go and check it out. Feel free to submit any questions you might have yourself and please feel free to comment.
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