Jan 1, 2010

Snowman Thank you Part 2

Here is the second Snowman thank you card. I have a pattern that I drew that I hope to be making available soon. The only problem is that I have no idea how to make it available. So stay tuned for that. But if you are the crafty type that wants to set out to try this on your own here are the basics of what to do. It's really easy.
First you start by drawing a basic snowman shape. I did mine on a piece of white cardstock 8.5x11. I added my arms which I cut out of brown cardstock and glued to the back of the snowman's second section.
Now fold him accordion style so that his head will be facing up and his arms will be tucked under in the middle. This picture is kind of confusing but the top piece you see is the head of the snowman, then his middle with his arms and his bottom.
Add all the embellishments. I cut out a hat and attached it with double sided tape. The ric rac is self adhesive ric rac.
I drew on his face, used chalk for his cheeks and then cut out a carrot nose from orange paper.
For the buttons I used a heart stamp I had. I didn't like how the edge of the stamp showed up when I stamped them but after looking at it for a while I decided it looked kind of rustic and so I decided to keep it. You could use buttons, or add a scarf here too.
Finally I stamped "Thanks Snow Much" with white ink on a blue paper (it looks like black here because my craft room lighting is terrible) and tore the edges.
I attached the words with double sided tape to the bottom of the snowman and then at the last minute added a couple of snowflake brads I found. I left just enough room at the bottom to write in a few words. I always find thank you cards hard to fill with words so I like to leave just a little space.
When you put him in a card he folds this:
And then he pops open when you take him out. Cute huh?
Pretty basic to make but in case you would like a pattern stay tuned. ENJOY!!
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