Jan 1, 2010

Dear Walmart

Dear Walmart,
Every so often I completely buy your ad's that I can live better and save money by getting everything that I want conveniently under one roof at your store in your awesome reusable blue bags from pantyhose to windshield washer fluid and that you have everything I could possibly need (including the latest fashion) at that lowest price of course. But not today Walmart. Today all you offer me is a major lack of selection, empty shelves, long lines, not one single skirt (well okay there was one: a size 24 mini skirt-in the middle of winter-gee thanks Walmart), no winter coats and soft tomatoes. Sorry, not buying your promises today. The only highlight of the trip was a conversation between 2 women in their 70's in the clothing department, the one holding up a top and saying to the other, "see now if you had any kind of a chest you could wear something like this." Probably not going to hear that anywhere else.
Yours truly,
The unhappy shopper without the screaming child this time.
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  1. agreed! I went to a few places today and they were all bare!

  2. I went to WM on the 1st and it was worse than going around Christmas... Horrible


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