May 7, 2010

Lessons From Martha #2

This past week while catching up on my Martha Stewart episodes I was intrigued by a segment she did with a lady named Alana Elliott. This lady created a company called No Nuttin that makes and sells a variety of products that are dairy, gluten, peanut and nut (to name a few) free. It is a Canadian based company (George, have you heard of it?). She shared her recipe for homemade granola bars. They looked super delicious and the ingredients weren't too off the wall that I thought, "these are going to taste like cardboard" so I gave them a try. And they were DELICIOUS!!!! Really easy to make, really tasty, sweet but healthy. Small fry can't get enough of them. I like knowing exactly what is in them (having a nut allergy myself). Something about them screams that they need peanut butter (I am not allergic to peanuts) so I think next time I might try them with peanut butter chips and chocolate chips on top. Here are what mine looked like.

Go here for the recipe. I didn't have gluten free crisp cereal but just used good old Rice Krispies and they turned out great. I am loving that I found this recipe. It is a great one. Thanks Martha.
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  1. hmmm might have to try those--thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for sharing, those look good!

  3. We just used the parchment paper in tin foil idea this weekend. It was so great! thanks for the tips!!


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