Aug 8, 2010

Burp Cloth Cupcakes Revisited

Last year I brought you these (via this guest post on U-Create). They are burp cloths that I turned into cupcakes. The cuteness serves no purpose other than to be cute and jazz up something ordinarily plain like a burp cloth.
Well this year I have revisited the idea, enlarged it and simplified it and I think the result is just as cute. 

So here is what you do.
First: start with a burp cloth- mine measures 15 and 7/8 inches long, 9 1/2 inches at the widest parts (the top and bottom) and 8 1/2 inches in the middle. Basically I took my former burp cloth pattern and traced it an inch bigger on the sides but left the height the same. I wanted my cupcakes to have some bulk to them. I made these from store bought receiving blankets. They are flannel on both sides. I am sure you could try the idea with any kind of burp cloth, just some kinds will work better than others (let me know what you try, will be interesting to see).
Second: to make the cupcake start by folding the sides of the burp cloth in to the middle, overlapping slightly like this.
Third: fold in half, lengthwise and press with an iron (or don't if you are like me and hate all things ironing).
Fourth: starting at one end, roll up the burp cloth like a jelly roll only don't make it too tight. Place your roll inside 2 jumbo cupcake liners. I found that 2 has more stability than one. These cost like $2.30 at Wally world so you won't break the bank.
Fifth: wrap the cupcake liners up around the burp cloth and secure with a rubber band.
Sixth: tie with a ribbon (being sure to use a ribbon thick enough to cover the rubber band). Side note: I went looking for satin ribbon at Michael's and they had it but it was $3.99 a roll which I decided I needed to buy anyway cause I needed it for this project, but then when I was at my favorite big blue store I found this fat grosgrain ribbon for $1.79 for 18 feet and I was like "heck ya, this will work for that price" and I actually really like how it looks. And there you have it folks a cute little burp cloth cupcake.
Now last year a reader suggested giving my original creations as a gift in a muffin tin. I found these 6 count tins at the dollar store and look how cute!!!. I plan on spray painting the tins (I think). Isn't that a fun baby shower gift? I suppose if I didn't spray the tins, then the recipient could make use of the tin for baking. I am planning on selling these in my melon days booth. I am going to use the tins for display and sell the burp cloths individually and let people pick and choose to make their own sets as well as have some sets premade.
Here is the girl version.
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  1. Seriously so cute. I have a couple of friends having babies around Christmas time... I will have to try this. You have the CUTEST ideas. When is Mellon Days, Brady, the boys and I might need to jet over to the "other side" of Emery County and see your booth!

  2. What a cute idea! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Dear sister, i just had a great idea. What about tucking a binky or something in the top as you roll up your burp cloth cupcake. I miss the little flower decorations on the top. that way they would be decorated on the top with something useful as well.

  4. beautiful idea ;O)


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