Aug 25, 2010

Onesie Preview

Lest anyone think I am completely buried in zucchini's and don't have time for much else, I thought I would post a preview of some onesies I have been working on for my Melon Days booth. For the girl ones I made matching flowers. I still have to make head bands to go with them. I am thinking of making the ones out of nylons.
Flower Power
Flip Flops
More Melon Days previews to come as I sort through everything I have made. If you see anything you like and would like to be the first to buy let me know.

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  1. so cute, what sizes? and how much?

  2. Okay, I have dibs on the onesie with the flip flops on it! So cute! but wait...what size is it?? I love cute!

  3. The Flip flops, birdie and robot are all 0-3 months. The Flower, cherries and rocket are 3-6 months and the cupcake is 6-9 months. They are $4.00 each.

  4. Oh how cute! You did a great job.

  5. Wow, those are all so adorable!!! And you are a great seamstress. My sewing skills are jealous of yours. lol

  6. Starting in Oct you can buy my stuff right here on my blog (or possibly an etsy site-not sure yet). I always do custom orders (if you see something you like-shoot me an e-mail with what you want and I will make it for you). I specialize in one of a kind items so I usually don't mass produce anything but I do make custom requests (which I have done a number of).


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