Sep 3, 2010

Potty Update

I am sure none of you are wasting any of your time wondering how the potty training is going over here at small fry and co. but I thought that since we are progressing with flying colors I would just post an update and say thanks to everyone for your advice. It gave me much peace of mind and some good ideas. Pretty much it took her 3 days to get it figured out. I went ahead and got pull-ups for night because I was not sleeping worrying about the "moment" she would either pee in the bed or wake to pee and the first night she wore them she did pee in the night but didn't after that. We called them "night time panties" and she only wore them at night. By day 4 she had no accidents day or night. Dare I say it... our days of 2 in diapers are done!!!!! Can't believe it. We don't have to do rewards or dances though she needs mom or dad nearby to do her business. She doesn't even have a problem with #2 thank heavens and actually loves to stick her head in the potty seat, which now sits on the big toilet, and wish the poops a fond farewell (we are working on curbing that one). Lately she has gone back to a few accidents at night but I am not sure if that is because she has drank a bit more before bed than usual or not. The only thing I would like to work on now is having her get brave enough to go on the big toilet. She is too scared right now so we are toting the potty seat all over the place. But we did it-YIPPY SKIPPY!!!!
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  1. Would it be completely strange, if I admitted that I WAS wondering how the potty training was going? I've been a solider in the same war, and it is looking up on our end too, minus the no #2 in the potty yet. We're getting there though. Let me be the first to congratulate you and the little one on the new found freedom!

  2. I am so jealous! My little guy knows how to do it--on the big potty even, but simply refuses. I know that you can't force them to go, and they won't until they are ready, but the two in diapers is so expensive!! I secretly wish that one day he would just say to me, "Mom, I am ready to go on the big potty." Is that too much to ask for? Sigh...


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