Nov 12, 2010

Pull out Snowman Card

Here is one more snowman card idea to go along with the ones I came up with last year. Only this one has a little surprise.
What you will need:
1 white paper bag cut down to about 3 6/8 inches
1 piece black card stock cut to 6 x 3/4 inches for the hat brim
1 piece black card stock cut to 3 1/4 x 5 inches for the hat
scrap of orange for carrot nose
fabric scraps for scarf
ribbon and other embellishments for hat

1. Start by cutting down the paper bag. I started by cutting it down to a bit over 4 inches.

Then I trimmed it with my scissors and slightly rounded the top edge. This piece should be about 3 and 6/8 inches.
2. Open up the bottom where it folds over and ...
glue it down.
3. Place the paper bag piece over a piece of white card stock but not directly over it (notice how mine is placed slightly off the paper-this will allow the card stock to be cut smaller than the paper bag piece which is what you want) and trace it.
Like this.
3. Cut out your black pieces as well. I cut my black pieces with scissors and didn't make sure all the edges were all even because I wanted them to look slightly rustic. Here is the layout of all the pieces you will need.
4. Now to assemble run a line of glue along the curved edge of the card stock piece and attach this to the hat piece.
5. Attach the brim of the hat. I ran a line of glue tape along one edge of the brim piece. Attach this over top of the card stock piece. The glue should be at the top when it is attached to the rest of the hat.
Let me repeat that. The hat brim should be attached to the white card stock piece which is glued to the hat. This will allow you to slip the edge of the paper bag under the edge of the hat brim.
When it is all assembled it will look like this.
6. Now decorate. I used chalk to blush the snowman's cheeks. I used a pencil eraser as a stamp to make the smile.
I cut a rustic carrot nose and glued it on and drew on eyes with an ink pen.
I put a piece of adhesive ribbon on the hat and tore a piece of fabric to make a scarf.
7. To attach the scarf I put a piece of double sided tape on the bottom front and back of the envelope. I attached the scarf piece and tied it in a knot on one side and frayed the edges.
And for the surprise: you can pull the hat piece out and you have a little card to write your Christmas and holiday wishes on and then tuck it right into your snowman.
Here is another one in red.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow (well let it snow cute little snowman cards that is). Happy crafting.
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  1. That's super cute! Thanks for the how-to, I'll be linking.


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