Jan 6, 2011

Birthday Card #4 Flower Power

 Today's featured Birthday Card is "Flower Power."  Sorry this one pretty much is for a girl but I had to include it. 
 I got the inspiration from a home and garden show I was watching years ago. 
To make this card you will need:
1 card 4x4" -this is the finished size. (if you choose to enlarge the pattern you will need to increase your card size).
1 layer piece 3 3/4 x 3 3/4
1. Make the card and attach the front layer piece.
 2. Print out the pattern.  Cut pattern piece and trace 7 flower petal pieces on your desired color of cardstock or paper. Flower Power Pattern (There are two different petal sizes included)
 3.  Assemble the flower.  I start by putting a piece of double sided tape (or a glue dot would work) on the back of each petal.  Then I start assembling.  I overlap each piece and usually have to move them around to get my flower just the way I want it.  I just don't press down the petals until I have everything where I want it to go.  The last petal should tuck under the first petal to keep them all uniform.
 4. Last I added a button for the middle and attached a piece of ribbon with a glue dot.
 You can jazz up the inside if you wish.
 There you have it.  Funky Flower Power Birthday cards.
Happy Crafting!! Enjoy.
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  1. I'm really enjoying birthday card week!! Thanks for the great ideas.

  2. Just made these for little girl's birtday and for thank you's for my daughter's teachers. Thank you for the great idea! These were super easy and came out looking great!


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