Jan 3, 2011

Birthday Card Week -Card #1

If you are like me then you probably think about sending out a birthday card more than you actually get it done.  That is because, again if you are like me, you don't have a bunch of birthday cards on hand to choose from.  That is going to end this year because I am starting the year off with a birthday card making blitz and I am sharing it with all of you.  I have invited my friend and neighbor Allisha to join me this week and share some of her birthday card ideas as well.  She is an amazingly creative woman.  I hope you find something that you like and can use.

Card #1 Birthday Hat
1. To start you need to make a pattern or template for your hat.  I did this by folding a piece of cardstock in half and drawing my triangle.  The size of the triangle doesn't really matter-you could play around with different sizes.  Mine was 4" across the bottom and 5 1/4" high.  I drew it and then cut it out.
2.  Next trace the template onto the piece of cardstock that you will be using for your hat.  I used the corner to save time on cutting.
3. After cutting, score the center line and fold.  It should look like this.

4.  Next add the bottom band in a coordinating color.  The band is 1" wide and 5" long.  Again you could adjust the width and length of the band to suit your style and card size.  Adhere this with some double sided tape or glue.
5.  Your last step is to embellish.  I cut a circle out of the same coordinating cardstock as my bottom band and created this little pom pom.  You could use ribbons for the top too.
This is what the inside looks like.
Here are a few other ideas.
 Enjoy!! Happy Crafting.
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  1. I like it! One of my craft goals is to get all my bday cards done, addressed and stamped. I better hurry! It's kind of nice - we have no January birthdays so I've got the month! :)


  2. I featured this today on my blog - todays top 20! I'd love for you to stop by! :)


  3. I saw these on Amands's toptwenty blog! They are so cute! Can't wait to see what the rest of the cards look like!

  4. I saw your post on pretty little thing. Great idea! My 3 year old and I made three of them this morning. Thanks!


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