Feb 3, 2011

February Sew Along Day 2- Heart Ruffle Sweater

Today we will be making our heart ruffle sweater using the scraps from the t-shirts from yesterday and a  purchased cardagain sweater.
Here are all my scraps left from yesterday ( I may seem to have less scraps but that is because I made 2 skirts).
 1. Begin by cutting our a bunch of little hearts.  It is quick if you cut through 2 layers at once.  No I did not use a pattern.  I am sure that makes a few people nervous so if you need a pattern by all means make one.  I liked having all my hearts in different sizes and shapes.   You will need a lot so cut a bunch and then you may need to cut more.
 2.  This is the sweater I am using (Walmart-$3.50).
 3.  Undo the button and on one side begin layers hearts.  I start with one larger one at the bottom.
 4.  Continue adding hearts overlapping them and tucking some under.  I used both red and pink-you could use all one color.  If you are using both try and evenly space the colors so that you don't have a bunch of one color in a spot.  As you layer the hearts try and make sure that they all overlap in the middle a bit so when you sew them you will catch them all.  Don't worry if you can't I have a way to solve that.
 As you get to the shoulder I reduced my hearts to just one (I just had this thought looking at this picture-this would be totally cute if you just kept going around the back of the neck and then down the next side or had both sides meet in the middle at the back of the neck.
 5.  Pin in place.  Use lots of pins to try and hold at least one part of every heart.
 6.  Now take this to your sewing machine and sew a straight line all the way up the center of the hearts to the shoulder seam.
 Here is my seam.  I didn't catch all of the pieces and there are lots that flop over so I go back and sew again...
 only this time I sewed a curvy seam to catch more of the hearts.  Repeat as many times as necessary so that all of the hearts are attached and any real floppy pieces are secured down.
 Like this.
 There you have it.
And here is my lovely model:

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  1. Small Fry and Co is my new favorite blog. Found it the other day because I needed an idea of how to make my daughter's blue jeans that have a hole in the knee into a cute skirt. Still like to make her one like that but first I'm going to make shorts with some material at the bottom. I showed my daughter your post on that and she really likes them. It's the middle of March and already too hot for jeans.
    I have been scrolling through your blog the last few days and still have so many tabs open to go back to recipes and other things that I'd like to check out. I've stopped here to comment because your heart sweater has given me an idea for next Valentine's day. Instead of hearts on both sides, I think I will try to find Shelby a white button down shirt and make pink/white hearts going on one side and then a pink/white heart scarf. That's a year from now so let just hope I remember. Thanks for idea. :o)


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