Feb 23, 2011

Thank-You Card Week: Wrap Around Card

This card was inspired by a card pack I saw at the Dollar Store that reminded me of a wrap around sweater.  Here is what you will need:
1 piece of cardstock 12x4"
1 piece of cardstock for the pull out card 3 3/4x 3 3/4"
Embellishments of your choice.  If you want to make this one with the flower you will need one piece of tissue paper 4"x the length of your tissue paper.
1. Cut your piece of cardstock to size.
 2. Turn over and score every 4 inches (that means you will score twice-I know you know that but just in case someone was confused).
 3. Fold on score lines.
 4. Now cut your side flaps to a diagonal.  To do this use a ruler and match up the top of the fold to the bottom corner point.  Cut with an exacto knife.
 Will look like this.
 5. Repeat on the other side.
 6. To create the tissue paper flower take your piece of tissue paper and accordion fold it about 3 inches wide.
 7.  Cut out two flower shapes.  I didn't use a pattern because you don't need a perfect flower.
 8.  Layer the flower pieces, alternating the directions. 
 9.  Secure in the middle with a brad.
 10.  To assemble the card place glue dots as shown and...
 fold over.  Add the flower with a large glue dot.
 11.  Cut the pull out card to size.
 12. Embellish and add your sentiment.
 13.  That is it-you have a finished card with an envelope of sorts.

 Here is another version of the same card only a bit more masculine.
Happy crafting!!
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