Mar 23, 2011

Hot Potato Salad

I had a request from a reader for a few more recipes so I wanted to share this delicious recipe I found about a year ago for Hot Potato Salad.  I know I might not be considered a "true American" for this, but I am not a fan of potato salad.  Sorry but the idea of eating cold potatoes slathered in mayo or miracle whip is not the least bit appealing to me.  So when I found this recipe my first thought was, "this sounds like something I can handle."  Potato salad is a favorite at picnics and potlucks so now I have a perfect side dish to take to such occasions.  The only change I made was to eliminate the packet of ranch and instead I just use about 2 tbsp's of ranch dressing.  I found the ranch packet made the salad much to zippy for my tastes.  Since spring is on it's way this is perfect for all those upcoming picnics and family outings. 
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