Mar 22, 2011

Little Stinker Onesie Tutorial

In response to a readers question about exactly how I do an applique on a onesie I thought I would share this tutorial and try and be a bit more detailed.
To make this onesie you will need:
The pattern (I have it included at the bottom)
Black, white and red material scraps (if you want to make it look like mine.  I use an old t-shirt for the lettering.  It doesn't ravel or fray)
1. Trace the pattern pieces onto Heat N Bond.  Make sure and trace the letters backwards.  I usually put my pattern (upside down) on a window and trace it that way.  Make sure you trace the inside parts of the skunk too (the white pieces).
2. Cut out the pieces leaving an edge all the way around them.  If they are going to be put onto the same color of fabric (like the letters) there is no need to cut out each individual letter yet.
3.  Iron the pattern pieces to the wrong side of your fabrics.
4.  Cut them out again, this time on the line.  Iron together your skunk.
5.  I like to sew any details on layered pieces before I iron them to the onesie because it is much easier.  I peel the back paper off before I sew.

6.  Now iron the skunk to the onesie.
7. Cut out the letters and iron them on too.
8.  Now for the sewing part.  My sewing machine looks like this:
but I can take the larger piece off and leave this arm.  This is what I use when sewing on my onesie.
Start by undoing the bottom buttons.
Now slip the onesie over your sewing machine.
Adjust your onesie to the area you want to sew.  The onesie is fairly stretchy so you can manipulate it as you need.  Sewing on a larger onesie is much easier than a small one.
If I need to, I bunch it up to move it.  Just make sure that you are always only sewing through the top layer.
You can sew a continuous stitch all the way around, by bunching up the onesie.  It is a good idea to try and pick patterns that are not to intricate and letters that are not too small.
I hope that helps.  It takes practice.  I wouldn't do letters until you are comfortable with an object.  And don't try and do anything that is super fancy-believe me-I have plenty of ruined projects to prove it.
Happy Sewing!!
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  1. Thanks for the tutorial!! And I'm pretty sure we have the same sewing machine :-)

  2. That is really cute! Now that I'm expecting a boy I need to find more masculine projects to put in my To Do file. Thanks!


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