Jun 2, 2011

Easy Grilling Tip

You know how you are supposed to wash off the plate or tray you use to take the raw meat out to the grill before you put the cooked meat back on it (you all know that right)?  Well sometimes my sweet hubby just kind of gives it a rinse in the sink (my dad always did that too) and I am sure many a man does that (manly men can't get food poisoning right?).  Well that always makes me feel a bit uneasy so to help my husband keep our grilled food safe I do this:
 I put two layers of tin foil on the pan first.
Then put your meat on it.  He can put everything on the grill, remove the first layer of tin foil (toss it in the trash) and has a fresh layer -clean and sanitary- to put the cooked meat on.  Simple-and bacteria free.  Love me some bacteria free grillin.
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  1. good idea. I went to a bbq where the guy cooked the food and put it straight back on the plate he had brought it out raw on. I was 2nd in line and took the top hot dog on the mound! The worst part is that he was a cook at a restaurant so you'd think he would know better!

  2. So simple but so smart!

  3. Honestly, I never thought of this. Thanks for sharing.


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