Jun 6, 2011

Make Ahead Monday (on Tuesday)

Sorry everyone but this week's "Make Ahead" will be posting tomorrow.  I had a little glitch in my planning.  I am hoping it will be worth the wait.
In the meantime do any of you mom's out there have a brilliant, or even extremely practical and frugal tip for my sweet pumpkins terribly dry scalp?  I have no idea how to help the little sweetie (well okay I have some ideas but at this point I would like to skip the experimenting and get right to something that works).
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  1. I use baby oil to soften it up a few minutes before bath time and then I wash it out while scrubbing it with a brush. It works for me.

  2. If is cradle cap...a soft brush everytime you bath her, and some baking soda will help clear that up.


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