Jun 8, 2011

Folded Paper Shirt Brag Book (for Fathers Day)

My brother Steve sent me a picture of a dress shirt gift bag (obviously for Father's Day) he found somewhere in his current location with a note that he thought it was cute but knew I could come up with something cuter.  Well not feeling any pressure, I set to work trying to think of something cute that could be done with a collared shirt for a Dad.  I didn't have any gift bags handy but I think I came up with something even better-because it is meaningful.
It's a mini paper bag brag book.  It would be fun to fill with pictures, or coupons for dad (or your hubby) or quotes and notes about how much you love him.  I went with quotes by Small Fry for our brag book (and then I added my own little note that corresponds with what she said).
I found the instructions for the folded shirt on the Internet. I looked at a few different sets of instructions but I loved Kimberley's at Procrastistamper the best.  I started with a piece of paper that was 10x12".  You need those dimensions in order to produce a shirt that is the right side to cover the front of the paper bag book.  After make the shirt I fashioned a tie and vest out of extra paper.  I free handed mine but if you would like a copy of those pieces send me a message and I can e-mail you a copy.  I used 3 paper bags (cut down to 4 1/2"-from the bottom).  I cut cards to go inside the 3 paper bag pockets.  I added little tabs to each one so that my husband would know they are there.  After that I attached everything together with 3 black brads.
 I wouldn't go more than 3 paper bags if you are planning on attaching the book together with regular brads.  They are just the prefect size for this thickness.
There are lots of possibilities with this idea.  If your husband or father is not the dress shirt wearing type, turn it into a polo for golfing or a button up blaze orange shirt or camo shirt for hunting, it would be perfect for a missionary, or a you could add a bow tie and make it for a groom or graduate.  Lots of fun things to try.  Happy Father's Day crafting!!!
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  1. This is such a cute idea!! I love it!

  2. I have been searching for two days for something just like this. I came up with the same idea, I just could not get the measurements correct. Thanks for showing us a simple way to create this card.


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