Aug 23, 2011

Paper Milk Carton Teacher Gift

A few months ago I showed you this paper milk carton crate I made using a repurposed packing box and this pattern for paper milk cartons.

I have another version to share with you today. 
 This one is made using this: a Keebler Graham Crackers box.
To make this keep the bottom end intact.
 Measure up from the bottom 3 inches and mark.  Repeat all the way around the box.
 Cut using an Exacto knife to create your box.
 Save the top half to use for a second crate.
Now using another box like a cracker box cut a piece that is slightly less than 5 1/4" x 7 1/4" (plus the flap that forms the top of bottom of the box).
 Fold up the flap to create part of the bottom of your milk carton holder.  Cut a second piece (I just cut off another flap from the box).  Using a piece of duct tape tape the flaps like so: (when held upright, the flaps will form a flat bottom).
 Now cut a handle in this center section.  I used a stencil to trace an oval at the top.
 It will look like this.  Now place this center holder piece inside the bottom of the box.  Use spray adhesive or glue to hold it in place inside the box.  (don't worry if it flops to one side, when the milk cartons are in it, it will stand up straight).
 The last thing to do is decorate it.  I spray painted the whole thing black and then decorated it with scrapbook paper.  You could make this for all kinds of occasions, but I thought it would make a really cute back to school teachers gift.  It would also make a cute gift for a child going back to school or a teen who is going to High School for the first time (that is a super scary thing-I call our high school "the pit of hell" a milk carton crate on the table filled with treats and locker items might be just the trick).

NOTE: the paper milk carton pattern that I used for the packing box version is just a bit too big for this graham cracker box version (because the graham cracker box is a 1/4 of an inch smaller than the packing box).  I have made a resized version for this specific project.  If you would like me to send you the resized version then shoot me an e-mail.  I would be more than happy to send it to you.  I don't want to upload it because somehow uploading my stuff to Scrib resizes it and makes it smaller.  If you know how to solve that problem shoot me an e-mail too.
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  1. lindo esse trabalho!

  2. seu blog é maravilhoso,aprendi muitas coisas aqui.

  3. How awesome are you?!?! Your girls aren't in school yet but you're sharing your awesomeness for us with school age kids. I love this idea! Thank you! Thank you!

  4. I loved this so much I pinned it on pinterest!

  5. Could you send me the instructions for the smalll milk carton?

  6. Would you send me the small milk carton directionS/


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